When you book an experience at the Woolly Farm you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions


When an individual is making a booking for a group, that individual is responsible for every group member agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

At the Woolly Farm, we strive to give our customers an unforgettable experience that they’ll talk about for years to come. We believe that making our terms and conditions as simple and clear as possible helps us to do just that. If you have any questions about anything in our T’s & C’s get in touch and we’ll happily chat through them with you. 



You can pay online or over the phone. We accept all forms of payment (except American Express and cheques). Please note: each booking includes a non-refundable 50% deposit.


Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel or change your booking, as long as you give us 48 hours’ notice before the start of your experience, we will happily reschedule you to another date that suits you or give you a 50% refund of the booking fee. 

If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice before the start of your experience, we cannot issue a refund or promise we can change your booking to an alternate date, but we will do our utmost to find another suitable date and/or time for you. 

If the Woolly Farm cancels your booking, for example, if we feel the weather conditions are too dangerous to trek, we’ll offer you an alternative date or a full refund of the booking amount. 


Participant age restrictions

For health and safety and insurance purposes, we have set the following minimum ages for each of our walks/treks:

  • Picturesque farm walk minimum age 4 years old under supervision by a paying adult (alpaca farm walk). Children under 4 years can come along for free but they must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Half day trek minimum age 10 years old (llama forest and fell trek)

  • Full day trek minimum age 12 years old (private booking)


When you pay for your booking, you are agreeing that any children included in the booking meet the respective minimum age requirements and have reached the birthdate for that option. In the interest of safety, the Woolly Farm reserves the right to refuse a booking request, including on the day of the experience, if we believe a participant doesn’t meet the age requirements. 

Young persons aged 16 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult. We offer a tag-along ticket option for those who do not wish to lead an alpaca or llama.

Before every walk and trek there is an introductory session in which we talk about the animals and cover health and safety information. 

Health & safety

We believe that our treks and experiences are safe as long as all of our guests follow the instruction, guidance and advice we give them, however, all activities are undertaken at your own risk.

It is important for you to let us know in advance of any medical condition or physical impairment which may in any way affect your ability to participate in our activities. All of our treks require a reasonable level of physical capability for you to safely take part; if you aren’t sure which experience to choose, get in touch and we’ll go through your options with you.

As your walk or trek will be outside and you will be handling animals, we ask that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Sturdy boots or wellies are suggested year-round as some areas can be boggy underfoot, even in the summer. For our guests’ safety and the welfare of our animals, The Woolly Farm reserves the right not to allow guests with inappropriate clothing or footwear to take part in their booked activity. We won’t be able to provide a refund in this situation.

If you or a member of your party has additional physical needs, get in touch and we’ll tailor the farm walk to suit you.

Important! All guests must listen to and follow our handling and safety briefings prior to and throughout their walk or trek. If any of our guests are unwilling to listen to instruction, they won’t be covered by our insurance and will not be allowed to handle the llamas or alpacas. We also won’t be able to provide a refund in this situation.


Gift vouchers

Our gift vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiry date and unique voucher code will be printed on the voucher or stated in the voucher email. The voucher code will be requested at the time of booking. 


All gift vouchers must be presented to The Woolly Farm on the day of the booked experience. 

The Woolly Farm will not be held responsible for lost or defaced gift vouchers. 


Experiences must be completed within the expiry date. It is possible to extend the date of the voucher by 3 months for an administration fee of £15.

All experiences paid for using a gift voucher must be booked in advance and our T’s & C’s apply to everyone who pays with a gift voucher. If you have any questions about your voucher, please get in touch; we’re more than happy to talk through them with you. 

To avoid disappointment, if you want to book an experience at a weekend or in a school holiday, we recommend that you book early – at least 2 months before – because all experiences are subject to availability. 

Once a booking has been made using a gift voucher we will email confirmation to secure the date and time for the booking. Once confirmation has been sent, dates cannot be transferred no matter how long the voucher has left before it expires. 


What if I’m using a gift voucher to book for a child?

For health and safety and insurance reasons, all of our experiences have an age restriction which also applies when booking using a gift voucher. If the child is under the age limit and has not yet reached the birthdate for that option on the day of the booking, we will not be able to complete the booking. 

When you redeem a voucher for an experience, you are agreeing that any children included in the booking meet the respective minimum age requirements and have reached the birthdate for that option. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult – either as a tag-along or trek participant. 


What if I need to cancel my voucher booking?

If you need to cancel your booking at any point after it has been made, 50% of the voucher will be considered spent, which is equal to the non-refundable deposit all guests make when booking. When you re-book your experience, the 50% voucher value will need to be paid up front. 

If, under any circumstances, The Woolly Farm has to cancel a booking paid for with a voucher, e.g. if the weather presents a danger to safety, we'll arrange another date with you and confirm via email. We cannot refund a voucher but we will extend the expiry date of the voucher if we are unable to re-book you on a date before the voucher expires. 

You may also find our FAQ's page useful to read as it offers more information on clothing and footwear etc.